As we get older we tend to forget a lot of things. We forget places, names and eventually we’ll forget faces. It saddens me that in one moment of your life time you could feel so happy with a group of friends you once called family and in the next you guys are almost complete strangers. Instead of feeling like that moment has gone and passed away, I want to capture that feeling again but on photo. So when you look back at it, that reminiscing feeling will come rushing back in.  That is why I want to start taking and uploading a bunch more photos of my life journey.



What’s your favorite DIMSUM dish?|Growing up, I ate a lot of dimsum a.k.a “YUM-CHA”. Mostly on weekends, twice if my brothers and I were lucky. Back then, we would order a lot of “siu-mai“, “lo-mai-gai”, “phong-jao”, “ha-churng”, and all them other delicious dishes that I can’t name because my Chinese is a little rusty. One of my favorite memory of eating dimsum is with all my cousins. Our table would be the first to finish everything before the next batch of dimsum dishes comes around. The worst part about dimsum is WAITING for the cart lady to swing on by your table and once she gets there you get to choose the dishes she has to offer. Each lady pushes a cart filled with different things. From soup and porridge to chicken feet and BBQ pork buns. Dimsum does not stay open late! I believe the latest that they stay open till is 3pm- so don’t forget to go early. ❤


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