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Hello everyone!

The reason why I created this blog was because I wanted to express my thoughts, my feelings and keep a memory tab of what is happening in my life. I believe everyone has a story to tell. And I just want to share some epic adventures, memories, experience and thoughts with all of you. The crazy thing about it is that you get to read about someones else’s journey in life, see from a different perspective or agree on the same choices in life as someone you hardly even know.

Topics that I would love to blog about:

  • Traveling – Doesn’t matter if the destination is 5 hours away, 5 miles or somewhere far, far away, I’ll be taking lots of pictures and will upload them as I blog about it.
  • Relationships – We’ve all been in a relationship; whether the relationship is with a partner or a best friend, we all have developed some kind of relationship with them. And I would love to hear some of your guys relationship stories as well.
  • Pets – Do your pets have silly moments? I have 5 dogs so I have a ton of silly moments to recall and blog about.
  • Dreams (My favorite topic) Dreams are weird. What do they mean?
  • Fantasies/daydreaming – Oh, how I dream of another parallel world.
  • Games – Believe it or not I’m a gamer. Would love to blog about the recent games that are out for PC, Playstation, and DS. Feel free to share some of your thoughts.
  • Food – I love trying new food. Recommendations please!
  • Books – I’m a nerd. A book nerd. Recommendations please!
  • Shopping – I will be doing reviews on some products
  • Journey in Life

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